When any of us are given a diagnosis of cancer, our normal response is,

"How am I going to survive?  Where do I start? Where are the experts in my type of cancer?"

We talk to our doctors, friends, colleagues, or even acquaintances for answers.  Hours, days and weeks can be spent searching for answers.  We find that the chemotherapy may not be working, or we experience life threatening side effects. Moreover, there are continuing road blocks and other challenges that seem insurmountable.  Where do patients and their loved ones turn for information and guidance?

In the winter of 2002, I was stricken with one of the rarest cancers in the world, "epitheloid hemangioendothelioma." Numerous doctors gave me no hope and a short time to live.  At in one point, I was told that the cancer had spread all through my liver and into my lungs.  I forged a path to survival by researching rare sarcomas and treatments, developing numerous lifelines, including integrative cancer care,  and seeking out personalized molecular therapies.  In 2009 I was given a liver transplant by the Cleveland Clinic and currently I am on a targeted therapy called Rapamune.

You can increase your odds by becoming engaged, securing your lifelines, and personalizing your care.  There is a way.  There is an answer out there for you.  Call me to find out how and what you have to do to survive or read my upcoming book, LifeLines: A New Approach To Cancer Suvival.

As a physicians assistant and naturopathic physician, my services include:

  • Expert Research Assistance 
  • Nutritional Healing
  • Multiple Opinion Research
  • Integrative Oncology Support                                                                               

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"The responses of the participants who attended our annual cancer retreat were glowing. Your presentation "The Gift of Hope" was uplifting, personal, and intimate. You gave us lifesaving strategies that we could find no where else. If you are looking for an inspirational and informative speaker who has fought cancer with dignity and courage, Mark is that speaker."

 -Louise Horn, Leader, "We All Can" Cancer Support Group, Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Mark Roby to set up an educational lecture at Gilda's Club Metro Detroit. Mark Roby has been a member of Gilda's Club for seven years and has been offering his inspiration and information for just as long. His programs are innovative and the information he shares is very unique. Mark has a lot of experience to share and has encouraged our members with many lecture topics. His presentation entitled, "Hitting Cancer With Everything You've Got" was wonderfully received by our audience. Mark's story about battling liver sarcoma was intriguing and inspirational. The strategies that he taught are invaluable. I would recommend Mark Roby as a speaker to any organization or business."

-Kristen Bernat, MA, LPC, Program Manager, Gilda's Club

"Mark Roby had a rare form of liver cancer for 7 years and miraculously survived to tell his story!  He is now completely healed from this condition, and is an inspiration to all who face challenges of any kind. I had the privilege and honor of hearing Mark speak at Gilda’s Club recently, and was deeply moved by the story of his journey and the lessons learned along the way.  His life is one filled with faith and hope, and the messages he conveys to his listeners are imbued with wisdom, optimism, and  conviction.  He is an extraordinary speaker who offers exceptional insight into dealing with life’s trials and is a treat for any audience."

Laurie Pappas PhD, Spiritual Counselor & Life Coach, Author of "The Loving Heart"


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